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Ski Tuning and Snowboard Tuning

Ski and Snowboard Tuning

We tune up and service skis and snowboards from all manufacturers. Prices for tune-ups start at $19.95 for kids skis and $29.95 for adult skis. We can also service just the edges of your ski or snowboard, or hot wax your skis or snowboard.

Tune-Ups and Maintenance


Adults > 150cm

Kids < 150cm

Full Tune $49.95 Sand grind, stone grind, p-tex, edges, and wax $29.95
Mini Tune $39.95 Sand grind, edges, wax $19.95
Hot Wax $10.00 $10.00

Pittsburgh Ski and Snowboard Tuning

Experts recommend that you have your skis tuned every 7-10 ski days, or generally at the start of each season. You should wax your skis every 2-3 days of skiing for best performance.

Full Tune

A full tuneup for your skis or snowboards. This is our most comprehensive tune-up and it includes base repair

(P-Tex), base belt grinding/polishing, Stone grinding/polishing (For Structure), edge tuning plus detuning, and hot wax application.

Mini Tune

A mini tuneup for your skis or snowboard includes base grinding/polishing, edge tuning and detuning, and hot wax application. This service does not include minor base repair (P-Tex) and the Stone grind.

Hot Wax

Your ski or snowboard will be lathered with our house-special hot wax, and then buffed to a shine using our state-of-the-art applicator.

Binding Services

If you are looking to have your ski or snowboard bindings installed, mounted or adjusted:


Adults > 150cm

Kids < 150cm

What is it?


Check and Adjust



A binding check and adjust should be performed every year. We make sure that your binding is properly releasing the boot, and we make sure that the DIN setting on the binding is at the proper setting based on your height, weight and ski ability. This is especially important if you have had a change in height or weight, or if you purchased new ski boots - all of these can affect the DIN setting of your bindings.

In-House Binding Install FREE FREE We mount bindings for free when the skis and bindings or snowboard and bindings are purchased at Fox Chapel Ski and Board, in-store or through our website.
BYO Binding Install $75.00 $75.00 This is our normal rate to install bindings when the skis or bindings are purchased elsewhere.
Remount Bindings $40.00 $40.00 Sometimes, your boot is too large or too small for the bindings as they are mounted, and they need to be remounted. To remount your bindings we remove the bindings from the ski or snowboard, make any necessary adjustments, and then remount the same bindings to accommodate your boot size. 

Brands We <3

Our factory trained technicians install, adjust and mount bindings from the following manufacturers: