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5-Minute Ski and Snowboard Waxing | Quick & Affordable Service

5-Minute Wax™

We get it - not everyone remembers to have their skis or snowboard waxed or tuned before their next ski trip. Don't worry, Fox Chapel Ski and Board has your back with the 5-Minute Wax™.

Fox Chapel Ski and Board's 5-Minute Wax™ is our way of getting you on the mountain faster.

We use high-grade temperature-specific wax and a unique infrared waxing machine to completely refresh your skis or snowboard with new wax. Don't settle for just any wax - come down to Fox Chapel Ski and Board for a 5-Minute Wax™!

How do you know your skis or snowboard needs to be waxed? If you feel like your skis are "sticking" to the snow, or if you feel like they just aren't as fast as they used to be, you may need fresh wax. If you look at the base (underside) of your ski or snowboard, and it looks and feels dry or rough, you probably need fresh wax.

How often should you wax your skis? Usually after three (3) days of riding, your skis or snowboard need to be waxed. If you want to unlock the performance of your equipment, you should apply a spot-treatment wax using liquid or paste wax. We carry both liquid ski wax and paste wax at Fox Chapel Ski and Board so you can wax your own skis or snowboard in-between our professional hot wax treatments.

Fox Chapel Ski and Board, located in Pittsburgh, PA offers high-quality ski waxing and snowboard waxing services to our customers. Stop by today to experience Fox Chapel Ski and Board's 5-Minute Wax™.

Questions? We have answers! Give us a call! 412-828-4754 today.