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How to fit ski poles

How to fit ski poles

 Sizing ski poles For a downhill or freeride skier is simple, hold the poles upside down and place your hand underneath the powder basket to simulate that the tips of your poles are in the snow, then align the poles with your left and right shoulders, In this position your elbows should be at a 90 degree right angle. If your elbows are at a right angle then you have found the correct size. Skiing steep and deep terrain sizing up one inch is optimal. If you happen to fall in between sizes you can get your poles cut down at your local ski shop.

Freestyle and Park/Pipe skiers follow the steps above and take 4 inches off. If your elbow is at a right angle with a 48” inch pole buy a 44” inch pole. Shorter poles don’t get in your way as you jib, press, and bonk your way through the terrain park while also cutting down on swing weight. 

*Note that rubber pole grips are a better insulator than plastic pole grips and keep your hands much warmer throughout the day.

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